artist statement

GEOLOCATION, a collaboration with Nate Larson, 2011- present
Using publicly available embedded geotag information
 in Twitter updates, we track the locations of users through their GPS coordinates and make a photograph to mark the location in the real world.

DEATH OF THE GOLD STANDARD, a collaboration with Nate Larson, 2013,  investigates various economic indices, such as the Economist’s Big Mac Index, and the Starbucks Tall Latte Index.  

WAFFLE HOUSE INDEX, a collaboration with Nate Larson, 2013.  The waffle House Index is an informal metric used by FEMA to determine the impact of a natural disaster on an area.  We purchased every item on the yellow emergency menu and photographed each item. 

FIRST RESPONDERS, collaboration with Nate Larson, 2014 investigates cell phones and their impact on disaster sites. 

SLEEPING UNDER RAUSCHENBERG, 2013. While on residency, at the Robert Rauschenberg Estate in 2013, I slept with one object found in the studio or houses on the property each night.  I then photographed and returned the objects the following morning.