INMATES + KITTENS is a record of every search term I entered into Google during a five- month sabbatical in early 2006.  During this time I was beginning a body of work, SOUVENIRS FROM HUMAN, MY MAMMAL, based on animal attraction and famous zoo animals. I spent many days during this sabbatical at petting zoos, farms, and traveling circuses, watching people interact with these animals. I was most drawn to the tigers, the wolves and the cheetahs -- animals who could kill me with the swipe of one paw.   I was frightened by my desire to reach through the small fence and pet the tigers.  I watched their expressions, comparing them to that of my dog. I imagined I understood the tiger’s movements, that her flattened ears meant the same as my dog’s.  This false sense of security frightened me even more, and fuels my desire to pet these animals.

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