In May, 2003, Lynda Taylor, sprayed herself with perfume, thoroughly cleaned her house with the latest in antibacterial products, and was arrested for attempted assault of her husband.  Her seemingly harmless acts were purported malicious attempts to murder him, motivated by his refusal to give her a share of a recent won worker’s compensation settlement.  It was in the mid nineties, while working as a construction worker, that David Taylor had been exposed to toxic mold and hazardous chemicals, resulting in his development of idiopathic environmental intolerance, or multiple chemical sensitivity disorder.  Lynda felt justified in asking for half of the settlement, as she had taken care of him throughout his illness and provided all the comforts of a chemical free home, during the time of their marriage.

What are these homes like?  Who cleans the mess, who discretely sleeps in the guest room, who slept around?  Crimes such as this seems the symptom of other non-criminal acts; withholding affection, love, sex, money, touch and attention.  Isolation and daily routine are contributing factors, and events which occur with such frequency and predictability that they come to be traumatic events, experienced through the next day’s repetition of the very same act.

CRACKERS IN BED explores life in excess.  In age of excess of information, glorious houses, home technology and the most menacing excess that of free time, Lynda Taylor becomes one more case to examine from the comforts of ones own home.  CRACKERS IN BED is a series of eight offset printed cards.

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